You Can’t Kill Real Philosophy.

An edgy essay by Robert Whyte

Real Philosophy, The Big Trouble-Maker

For a working definition of real philosophy, go HERE; and for a detailed dialogical discussion about the nature of real philosophy, go HERE.

  • a big influence in Ancient Greece, Confucian China, Christian empires (with some sneaky contributors like St Augustine and Descartes); and, more importantly
  • the driving force behind the Enlightenment when European and north American societies drifted away from religion and monarchies, towards science, democracy, parliaments and arguably embarking on a long trend towards emancipatory, radical freedom.

Why Do We Need Real Philosophy Now?

It is generally acknowledged that we face a catastrophic global threat caused by out-of-control, overpopulated, competitive, selfish and sometimes just-unthinkingly-following-along humans. In other words, us. We are responsible for mass extinctions, global warming and all the sorts of world-fuckers you can imagine and some you can’t. These creeping and possibly unstoppable changes will play out over the next 100 years, for bad or worse. The writing has been on the wall for so long it’s getting faded. This threat is more than just the obvious threat itself, it’s the rise of denialism, post-truth, fake news and false thinking which is really setting off alarm bells.

Do Human Animals Have A Rosy Future?

Briefly, no. But you already know this. If things go on the way they are, we are going to be in a pretty pickle sooner than you can say global warming. However, this is a theoretical rather than direct threat for most people, in practice affecting only a few thousand people whose roofs blew off last week because of global-climate-change-induced severe weather[iii] and some rather unhappy folk on Pacific islands who are finding their idyllic island home is rapidly disappearing underwater.[iv]

But What If There Is No Difference Between Late And Never?

Huh? No such thing! It’s never too late.

Who Knows About This? Why Wasn’t I Told?

Actually, you were. Everyone was. It’s common knowledge.[xii]

All Right, We’re Fucked. So, Apart From That, What’s The Problem?

The real and very sinister problem is this is only one of many instances of concerted misinformation and spin campaigns at the highest levels, in favour of extremely powerful and wealthy vested interests, to deny a whole lot of bad shit so they can keep on doing what they are doing (the source of their vast power and wealth) long enough to see them out. These people are invariably over the age of 70, so they’ve got an average of 10 years to live. If they’re lucky, 20. Life expectancy for males in the UK and the US has actually dropped substantially in recent years. What do they care about 2040? Not a fig’s fart. It’s not their problem. It’s ours.

What’s Real Philosophy Got To Do With It?

This is where real philosophy comes in. Thinking for yourself and not accepting with blind faith, explanations for the world ranging from “trust me I’m a doctor” to “if you don’t put money in my donation box you’re going straight to hell on the express lift.”

What Is Real Philosophy?

Real philosophy is your philosophy. If you want real philosophy, you are going to have to do it yourself. And be prepared to be a pariah. You will be excommunicated, and then ignored and vilified in the world generally because you will be branded a self-taught trouble maker. And in the hothouse world of professional academic philosophy, practitioners and administrators will brand you a maverick, a malcontent and a traitor to their cause.

Philosophy Without Borders

Like a club for non-conformists, Philosophy Without Borders is an open-source, open-minded forum for sharing original philosophy, produced by critically thoughtful, insightful, reflective people for other critically thoughtful, insightful, reflective people, with no restraints on what form the philosophy may take and with no restriction by borders or boundaries of any kind. It is a small but growing cosmopolitan community of people, widely distributed in space and across time-zones, connected by the Internet. Its two basic aims are





Formerly Captain Nemo. A not-so-very-angry, but still unemployed, full-time philosopher-nobody.

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