Two Months Later: How The Native Hue of My New Year’s Resolutions Is Sicklied O’er With The Pale Cast of Song.

By Robert Whyte

Happy New Year’s Resolutions, 1 March 2019

NOTE: Backing Track “Bluesin” Elite backing Tracks

Happy New Year It’s time for resolutions

and doing all the deeds we promise to do

I’m up to 99, they’re mounting up on my side

and if anyone tries to stop me woe betide

I’m helping little old ladies cross the street … whether they

like it or not I’ll sweep them off their feet

It’s not a competition, heaven forbid

It’s certainly not about all the good things you never did

Let’s volunteer for Border Force

to repel the refugee apocalypse

I’ll sink their boats you shoot the few who manage to float

upon these waters who drowns, we decide

My stupendous wealth is trickling down

that’s how I help the poor

No you can’t pick it up, we call that stealing

That’s worse than being a dirty rotten welfare cheat

If you want to be a citizen dress nice and speak our language

God dammit, you could at least try

Life wasn’t meant to be easy admittedly it is for me

But I’m only here to show you what… to aspire … to

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions

that can’t be true, it’s heavenly here where I am

Come on over to my side and together let’s figure out how

to make the world so much better than it is now

Happy New Year ! Happy New Year !



Mr Nemo, W, X, Y, & Z, Sunday 3 March 2019

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