The Blue Pill Without Amnesia–On the Philosophical Foundations of Political Correctness, Part 2.

An edgy essay by Otto Paans

4. Reversed Teleology

I wish to draw attention to a different aspect of the “retrospective twist” I described in part I of this essay.

  1. I presuppose moral system C (let’s say, today’s tenets of political correctness)
  2. I read a historical text and point out that it does not align with C
  3. I claim that the historical author is a proponent of an oppressive/universalist system O
  4. Then I claim that C is superior to O — because self-evidently, its tenets are superior. Who is against more equality, for instance?
  5. I condemn the historical author as a bigot/racist and claim that he has sown the seeds of oppression (as defined with reference to C)
  6. I assert that the historical author can be placed in an inherently oppressive philosophical tradition, and hold a plea for diversity and multiple viewpoints

5. Dead, White, and Male: Diversity and Demands

The tendency to undermine the whole of Western thought by reference to morally impermissible ideas of key figures in that tradition take the form of “canon wars.”


[1]) See: [accessed 20 September 2018].




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