Six Studies in The Decline and Fall of Professional Academic Philosophy, And A Real and Relevant Alternative, #9–Conclusion, & The Next Step.

By Robert Hanna

“The Death of Socrates By Means of The American Philosophical Association,” by Q (2013), after “The Death of Socrates,” by Jacques-Louis David (1787)






II. On the Meaning and Use of the Terms “Analytic Philosophy” and “Continental Philosophy”

III. The Question That Quine Refused To Answer

IV. Analytic Metaphysics as a Copernican Devolution in Philosophy

V. Conceptual Engineering Debunked and Replaced

VI. Social Justice Theory and The Paradox of Distributive Social Justice

VII. Eminent Identitarians: Social Justice Theory, Identitarian Multiculturalism, and Moral Fanaticism

VIII. A Real and Relevant Alternative: Life-Shaping Philosophy

IX. Conclusion [& The Next Step]



IX. Conclusion [& The Next Step]

Or bounded in a nutshell: life-shaping philosophy in the concrete format of The Shape of Lives to Come project is not only a real and relevant alternative to professional academic philosophy, but also an elaboration of what I’ve called rational anthropology (2015a, 2018a, 2018b, 2018c, 2018d), which is neither Analytic philosophy nor so-called “Continental philosophy,” and above all, it’s the philosophy of the future (Hanna, 2022a: esp. ch. 00).

[But the future still lies before us: so the next step is to provide an answer to this amazingly hard question: what are the material conditions for the real-world implementation of life-shaping philosophy?[i]]



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