Revenge Of The Postmodern Or Neo-Nietzchean Logic Skeptic.

An Edgy Essay by Robert Whyte

The Pre-Postmodern or Good-Old-Fashioned Nietzschean Logic Skeptic

So too the [postmodern or] neo-Nietzschean logic skeptic asks: why must she be logical1, if the very2 idea3 of logical4 truth or consequence5 is nothing6 but7 a product8 of the will to power9 and thus10 socially constructed11,12…?[i]

1.She doesn’t must.

2.Very is one of only five adjectives that make you sound smart

3.Light bulbs have an off switch, you know.


5.Well, which is it, truth or consequence?

6.It seems an awfully big fuss to make about nothing.

7.There is always a but.

8.Oh, so the will to power makes products now, does it? Are these in the shops?

9.Just so long as it does not involve fracking.

10.When I see the word thus I reach for my revolver.

11.That’s right, blame everybody. Typical.

12.Here’s The Postmodern or Neo-Nietzschean Logic Skeptic’s Collector’s Edition, aka Unphilosophy 212, 937, as a downloadable .pdf :



[i] R. Hanna, Rationality and Logic (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2006), p. 228. See also: “By endorsing the logic-liberated life, the postmodern or neo-Nietzschean logic skeptic intentionally commits cognitive and emotional suicide” (p. 230).


Mr Nemo, W, X, Y, & Z, Wednesday 1 May 2019

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