Philosophy Talks, With Bob And Scott, #2.

A Conversation between Robert Hanna and Scott Heftler

hilosophy Talks, With Bob And Scott is a series of conversations about fundamental philosophical ideas, problems, and topics, from A to Z.

The aim of these conversations is to move us beyond the false dichotomy between Analytic philosophy and so-called “Continental” philosophy–as if there were no other relevant alternatives: but in fact, there is at least one–toward a broadly and radically Kantian philosophy of the future.

This is the second episode.

In this episode, we discuss:

1. On publishing a comprehensive historical critique of Analytic philosophy, the dominant philosophical tradition in recent and contemporary Anglo-American philosophy.

2. Kant’s standing in contemporary Analytic philosophy.

3. The fall of classical Analytic philosophy by 1950.

4. How Analytic philosophy received its extra funding after World War II.

5. Analytic philosophy after 1950, aka post-classical Analytic philosophy.

6. What is real philosophy, as opposed to professional academic philosophy?

7. What derailed the promising dignitarian leftist initiatives from the 1960s?


Episode 1.

Philosophy Talks, With Bob And Scott–YouTube Playlist.



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