Philosophy Ripped From The Headlines!, Issue #12, 1 (August 2018): The Quantified Heart.

By Hugh Reginald

“The Quantified Heart”

By Polina Aronson and Judith Duportail

Aeon, 12 JULY 2018


Some Follow-Up Thoughts For Further Reflection and Discussion:

Is the following argument sound? If so, why? If not, why not?

  1. But all computer programs, no matter how flexible or “soft” the program is, must have been originally framed by programmers, who, in turn, cannot avoid importing their own moral and political views into the program’s operations.
  2. Moreover, emotionally intelligent technology is funded and controlled by global corporate capitalist interests, thus giving rise to worldwide emotional capitalism: the buying, selling, and “commodification” of our emotions.
  3. Nevertheless affects, feelings, and emotions, like the rest of our conscious lives, are not only essentially embodied, but also, to a non-trivial extent, under our spontaneous, non-instrumental, self-expressive, autonomous guidance.
  4. Therefore, arguably, emotionally intelligent technology (i) alienates us from the true sources of our emotions, namely, essentially embodied people in engagement with the world and with each other, (ii) undermines our autonomy, and (iii) commodifies us in an especially intimate way.
  5. Hence the widespread adoption of emotionally intelligent technology should be not only carefully critically examined by us, but perhaps even outright resisted and rejected.

A Link For Supplementary Reading: “I Feel It in my Bones, Therefore I Am”

This installment of Ripped! can be downloaded HERE: PWB_philosophy_ripped_from_the_headlines_issue12–1_aug18


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