Philosophy Ripped From The Headlines!, Issue #15, 1 (December 2018): Why We Should Subvert and Dismantle Social Media.

By Hugh Reginald

An internet café in Austin, Texas. Christian Payne / Flickr.

2. Some Follow-Up Thoughts For Further Reflection and Discussion:

Is the following argument sound? If so, why? If not, why not?

  1. Internet-based social media may appear to be highly promising and legitimate vehicles for the realization of socialist aims.
  2. But in fact, social media are an essential part of the “military-industrial-university-digital complex” that not only produces widespread mind-control and mental slavery, but has also enabled a worldwide mental health crisis of social media addiction.
  3. Therefore, anyone who recognizes the value of the fundamental concerns of socialism should (i) engage in a serious critical analysis of social media, (ii) “log the fuck off” on a regular basis, or detach from social media altogether, in order to resist their largely malign influence, and also (iii) collectively commit to subverting and dismantling the system of social media itself.

3. Three Links For Supplementary Reading:

Addicted to Social Media?


ISSUE #14, 3 (November 2018):

Formerly Captain Nemo. A not-so-very-angry, but still unemployed, full-time philosopher-nobody.

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