LONDON CALLING BACK, #7–Philosophy and Mental Health During The New Apocalypse.

A Conversation between Robert Hanna, Michelle Maiese, and Otto Paans


LONDON CALLING BACK, by Emre Kazim, is a series about philosophy, society, and politics, from a British and non-North-American point of view, emphasizing a new critical-dignitarian, edgy, and thoroughly push-backarian philosophical, social, and political ferment on the rise in London, recalling the heady days of politicized punk and The Clash.



#5: Is Philosophy Dead?


Philosophy and Mental Health During The New Apocalypse

RH: Here are the preliminary thoughts about this topic that guided our conversation during the two sessions we devoted to it:


Formerly Captain Nemo. A not-so-very-angry, but still unemployed, full-time philosopher-nobody.

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