How to Philosophize with a Hammer and a Blue Guitar, #6–Philosophical Blue Guitars, & Conclusion.

By Robert Hanna



1. Introduction


The first installment contains sections 1–3.

The second installment contains section 4.

The third installment contains section 5.

The fourth installment contains section 6.

The fifth installment contains sections 7 and 8.

And this final installment contains sections 9 and 10.

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9. Philosophizing with a Blue Guitar

Let’s suppose that every version of philosophical quietism has been shown to be rationally unjustified and morally unacceptable, that the first eight versions of philosophical activism are equally rationally unjustified and morally unacceptable, and that only the mind-body politic, that is, a broadly Kantian dignitarian liberationist philosophical activism, aka heavy-duty or radical enlightenment, is rationally justified and morally acceptable.

10. Conclusion

In view of what I’ve argued in sections 1–9, then philosophizing with a hammer and a blue guitar, that is, the mind-body politic, is activist philosophizing in highly original, break-out presentational formats, in order to create and sustain constructive, enabling institutions, especially amongst which is the social institution of philosophy — in sense (ii), as spelled out in section 2 above — itself.


[i] See R. Hanna, Kant, Agnosticism, and Anarchism: A Theological-Political Treatise (THE RATIONAL HUMAN CONDITION, Vol. 4) (New York: Nova Science, 2018), available online in preview, HERE.


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