Borderless Philosophy 4 (2021), Featuring: Works By Arran Gare, Kristina Lebedeva, and Others, on Anti-Posthumanism, Our Sociable Sociality, Les Fleurs de Bien in London, Moral Futurology, Neo-Organicist Epistemology, What It’s Like to Be in Pain, Embodied-Enactive Philosophy of Science, Anti-Computational-Theory-of-Mind, Real Metaphysics, and Ciceronian Unhappy Consciousness.

By Hugh Reginald


1. Arran Gare (Swinburne University of Technology, AU), “Against Posthumanism: Posthumanism as the World Vision of House-Slaves,” 1–56.

2. Robert Hanna (Independent, USA), “Our Sociable Sociality: A Postscript to The Mind-Body Politic,” 57–96.

3. Emre Kazim (Kings College London, UK), “Les Fleurs du Bien All Over London,” 97–99.

4. Andreas Keller (Independent, DE), “Integrating the Future,” 100–123.

5. Andreas Keller (Independent, DE), “Towards a History and Pre-History of Knowledge,” 124–168.

6. Kristina Lebedeva (Independent, USA), “That Casual Word, Pain,” 169–172.

7. Michelle Maiese (Emmanuel College, USA), “Scientific Inquiry, Objectivity, and Embodied-Enactive Cognition,” 173–197.

8. Otto Paans (Independent, NL), “How To Do Real Metaphysics: 26 Theses,” 198–227.

9. M. Brian Palmer (Independent, CA), “Against Computational Theory of Mind, Or, Why Normative Computational Theory of Mind Ignores A Wiser Epistemic Means, Risking Epistemic Bankruptcy as an End,” 228–243.

10. George Saad (Memorial University, CA), “Greek Schools, Roman Heirs, and Unhappy Consciousness in Cicero’s Academica,” 244–263.



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