Borderless Philosophy 3 (2020): Third and Final Call For Submissions.

By Hugh Reginald


Dennis Earl (Coastal Carolina Univ., USA),

Robert Hanna (Independent, USA),

Michelle Maiese (Emmanuel College, USA),

Pablo Muchnik (Emerson College, USA),

Otto Paans (Independent, Netherlands), and

Hugh Reginald (Independent, Canada) (Editorial Team Leader),

is pleased to announce a Third and Final Call for Submissions for our third issue (2020).


Borderless Philosophy 2 (2019) appeared in June 2019.

Borderless Philosophy 1 (2018) appeared in June 2018.


(i) that the work be of genuine interest to philosophers or any other philosophically-minded person, and

(ii) that the work be generally accessible to non-academics as well as professional academics, with a minimum of scholarly apparatus.



Deadline for Submissions: 1 January 2020.

Please send your submissions to this e-address:


And please submit your work as a Word-file, if practicable.


Borderless Philosophy’s reviewing policies and procedures in the selection phase are single-blind, author-centered, and responsible.

This means that:

(i) your identity will not be revealed to the three-person selection team during the selection process,

(ii) the selection team will review your submission, make a decision, and inform you of that decision by 1 February 2020, and

(iii) if your work is deselected, you’ll also receive a short letter from the selection team spelling out their reasons for deselection, and making friendly suggestions for improvement and revision.

Selected works will move on to the work-shopping phase, editing, and finally publication in Borderless Philosophy 3 (2020).


You can contact Borderless Philosophy either via this contact page:


or at this e-address:


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