Borderless Philosophy 3 (2020), Featuring Works by Babette Babich and Others, on The Philosophy of Poetry, Approximation, Radical Metaphilosophy, Fictional Alien Observers, The Ethics of Simulated Brains, Non-Conceptuality, Apprehensive Aesthetics, & Postmodernist Politics.

By Hugh Reginald



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3. Robert Hanna, “Consequences of Consequences: Against Professional Philosophy, Anarcho- or Borderless Philosophy, and Rorty’s Role,” 39–84.

4. Robert Hanna, “How to Philosophize with a Hammer and a Blue Guitar: Quietism, Activism, and The Mind-Body Politic,” 85–122.

5. Andreas Keller, “The As-If-O-Scope, Or, Excerpts from the Collected Writings, Communications, and Adventures of Tsish, the Famous Asifologist, Concerning the Science of Asifology,” 123–198.

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7. Andreas Keller, “Rediscovering the Non-Conceptual,” 212–237.

8. Otto Paans, “Echoes of the Future: Apprehensive Aesthetics for a Bygone World,” 238–263.

9. Otto Paans, “Postmodernity and the Politics of Fragmentation,” 264–310.


Babette Babich is Professor of Philosophy at Fordham University, based at the Lincoln Center campus in New York City, visiting professor of theology, religion and philosophy at the University of Winchester in the UK, and occasional visiting teacher at the Humboldt University in Berlin. She has written eight books, including The Hallelujah Effect: Music, Performance Practice and Technology (2013), Un politique brisée (2016), and Nietzsches Wissenschaftsphilosophie (2011).

Ronald Green holds an M.A. in Linguistics, with post-graduate studies in Linguistics and Philosophy at Oxford University. He has lectured in Europe, North and South America, and the Middle East on linguistics, ESL, and the use of the Internet in education, and is the author of Nothing Matters — A Book About Nothing (2011) and Time to Tell: A Look at How We Tick (2018).

Robert Hanna is an independent philosopher, Co-Director (with Hugh Reginald) of the online philosophy mega-project, Philosophy Without Borders, and Director of The Contemporary Kantian Philosophy Project. He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Yale University USA in 1989, and has held research or teaching positions at the University of Cambridge UK, the University of Colorado at Boulder USA, the University of Luxembourg LU, PUC-PR Brazil, Yale, and York University CA. He has authored or co-authored eleven books, including Kant and the Foundations of Analytic Philosophy (2001), Kant, Science, and Human Nature (2006), Rationality and Logic (2006), Embodied Minds in Action (co-authored with M. Maiese, 2009), In Defense of Intuitions: A New Rationalist Manifesto (co-authored with A. Chapman, A. Ellis, T. Hildebrand, and H. Pickford, 2013) Cognition, Content, and the A Priori (2015, aka THE RATIONAL HUMAN CONDITION, Vol.5); the first four volumes of THE RATIONAL HUMAN CONDITION, including Preface and General Introduction (RHC vol. 1, 2018), Deep Freedom and Real Persons (RHC vol. 2, 2018), Kantian Ethics and Human Existence (RHC vol. 3, 2018), and Kant, Agnosticism, and Anarchism (RHC vol. 4, 2018), and The Mind-Body Politic (co-authored with Michelle Maiese, 2019).

Andreas Keller graduated in computer science and linguistics from the University of Hamburg, DE. Originally interested in AI, he developed a position critical of AI and left the academic world. He worked as a software developer for about 30 years, mainly in the insurance industry. During this time, he pursued his philosophical, scholarly and scientific interests privately. He is currently studying cultural studies at Fernuniversität Hagen, with a focus on philosophy and history. He has published several articles in Borderless Philosophy 2 (2019).

Otto Paans holds M.A. degrees in Public Space Design and Philosophy, as well as a Ph.D. in architecture from the Technische Universität Berlin, DE. He worked as a landscape designer, and in conjunction with that, he worked on European research projects in renewable energy, recycling, and material science as concept developer, graphic designer and dissemination manager. He has published a number of articles on design theory and philosophy, as well as the monograph Situational Urbanism (2014), co-authored with Ralf Pasel.


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