Borderless Philosophy 2 (2019), Featuring Works By Susan Haack, Jay Bernstein, Carlo Cellucci, Gottlob Frege, Andreas Keller, Kenneth Macpherson, Otto Paans, Roberto Pereira, Michael Szpakowski, and Robert Whyte.

By Hugh Reginald


2. Jay Bernstein, “Notes on Revolution Now: Kant, Balibar, Adorno,” 22–46.

3. Carlo Cellucci, “The Most Urgent Task of Philosophy Today,” 47–75.

4. Gottlob Frege, “On the Scientific Justification of a Concept Script,” 76–94.

5. Andreas Keller, “A Note on Frege’s Concept of Language, Or, Does Frege Belong in the Analytic Tradition of Philosophy?,” 95–98.

6. Andreas Keller, “Four Mythological Dialogues,” 99–116.

7. Andreas Keller, “Proteons: Towards a Philosophy of Creativity,” 117–172.

8. Kenneth Macpherson, “Undercover Doctor of Philosophy, Or, What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been,” 173–206.

9. Otto Paans, “The Generic Eternal: Modernism, Alienation, and the Built Environment,” 207–256.

10. Roberto Pereira, “What Kant Has To Teach Us About What Mary Learns,” 257–276.

11. Michael Szpakowski, “97 Questions About Art,” 277–280.

12. Robert Whyte, “The Mysterious: How the History of Philosophy Strangely Coincides With the Space Race, 1957–1969,” 281–372.


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