Aphorisms Toward A Cultural Philosophy For The Present Time, #1: Social Dictatorship.

An edgy essay by Otto Paans



1. Aphorisms 1–11: Social Dictatorship


Social Dictatorship

1. Ideology. By allowing our intellectuals only to quote others who — no doubt — a are also intellectuals, we create an echo-culture, a circular quotation circus. Only the ideas accepted by the well-learned, or ideas that promise an acceptable deviation are taken up in the canon. Subversion, resistance, daring: these are the names for ideas that feel comfortably dangerous, fashionably critical, and well-educated in a bourgeois way. Don’t be misled — to be cultured nowadays is a deeply egoistic, narcissistic endeavor. It means being able to lecture others on what counts as the good side of history and judging them, because one is after all a member of the intellectual elite. All this is because in the echo-culture only coercive moralist, orthodox ideas are accepted.


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