Announcing the Publication of Borderless Philosophy 5 (2022), Special Topic Issue: “The End of Analytic Philosophy and/or Continental Philosophy, Yes or No? And If Yes, Then What’s Beyond?”

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By The BP Editorial Team



1. Babette Babich (Fordham University USA), “The Analytic-Continental Divide: ‘An Idea No Longer of Any Use … Superfluous … Let Us Abolish It!’,” 1–47:

2. Robert Hanna (Independent philosopher USA), “Six Studies in The Decline and Fall of Professional Academic Philosophy, And A Real and Relevant Alternative,” 48–130:

3. Andreas Keller (Independent philosopher DE), “Some Theses About Philosophy,” 131–146:

4. John McCumber (University of California, Los Angeles USA), “Overcoming the Analytic/Continental Split: An Institutional Approach,” 147–160:

5. Otto Paans (Independent philosopher NL), “Cold Reason, Creative Subjectivity: From Scientism and The Mechanistic Worldview To Expressive Organicism,” 161–212:

6. George Saad (Memorial University CA), “Being and Human Being: Reflections and Projections Upon A Philosophical Tradition,” 213–223:



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