A Plague On Both Your Houses: A Social Anarchist Lament in Shakespearian Mode.

O current U.S. Supreme Court justice confirmation process for Brett Kavanaugh, wherefore art thou, and why so seriously fucked-up? Let me count the six ways.

Mr Nemo, angry and a social anarchist, as always, but also in Shakespearian mode.

The social institution of the U.S. Supreme Court, consisting of nine specially-appointed, and thereby also specially-anointed, “human all-too-human” people, who, merely by virtue of being Supreme Court justices, can tell us all what we must do or cannot do, under the coercive authoritarian Laws of the Land, without any further salient input whatsoever from us in this big-capitalist neoliberal majoritarian representative democracy, unless of course we’re members of The Deep State or The Power Elite (i.e., the military-industrial-university-digital complex), which most of us ain’t, is itself a paradigm case of the tyranny of the minority.

Furthermore, the process of confirming or disconfirming U.S. Supreme Court justices, which is heavily determined by partisan party-voting in the Senate, is itself also a paradigm case of the tyranny of the majority, namely an act of tyranny by all those who elected the senators state-by-state, without any input whatsoever from the rest of us, except by voting in our own state, but once that has happened, allowing no further salient input whatsoever by us in this big-capitalist neoliberal majoritarian representative democracy — again, unless we’re members of The Deep State or The Power Elite, which you, I, and the folks next door certainly ain’t.

So-called President Trump and his puppet-nominee Brett Kavanaugh are both right-fascist identitarians, therefore not only all their basic moral and political beliefs, but also many of their actions, are rationally unjustified and immoral.

Kavanaugh’s accusers are not only blatantly exploiting the recent and contemporary widespread mania for puritanical feminist, sexual McCarthyite denunciation, and trial-by-hysteria, in the highly effective, weaponized mode of #MeToo — turning what hypocritically pretends to be a rational critical examination of the judicial competence of Brett Kavanaugh into a coercive moralist shouting-match about his sex-life in high school and college, several decades ago (and what in Lincoln’s name has all that ad hominem prurient scuttlebutt got to do with the rational justifiability or moral content of anyone’s political principles, anyhow?) — but also they stand to profit significantly, personally, by becoming left-liberal identitarian and centrist media social-justice-warrior-heroes, doing battle with the evil right-fascists, getting their pictures on the cover of Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc., etc., etc., not to mention all that left-liberal identitarian and centrist social media glory.

And since, by virtue of points 1–4, this process is a Statist political media-circus farce in this big-capitalist neoliberal majoritarian representative democracy — but also at the same time a Statist political tragedy, with dire or even deadly implications for all the rest of us human animals living in the USA, especially including pregnant women and their fetuses, who just can’t escape the coercive authoritarian Laws of the Land, and aren’t members of The Deep State or The Power Elite, who can usually buy their way out from under such things— whereby the right-fascist identitarians and the left-liberal identitarians struggle to the death for control of the tyrannical minority that is the social institution of the U.S. Supreme Court, and more specifically for the power to make coercive authoritarian rulings on Roe v. Wade, then the very idea of there being another radically different way, or other radically different ways, of framing the profoundly important moral and political issues at stake here, is completely ruled out.

Moreover, anyone who tries, from another radically different point of view, to raise critical questions and make critical points, is immediately, by means of The Fallacy of the False Dilemma, slotted into being a member of one of the two equally rationally unjustified and immoral warring factions, then is completely ignored or vilified by one or both of them, and effectively morally and politically silenced.

Therefore, in strong solidarity with Mercutio’s famously disgusted response to the two feuding family-tribes, the Montagues and the Capulets, in Romeo and Juliet, act III, scene i, and by way of concluding my social anarchist lament in Shakespearian mode, a plague on both your houses.


Mr Nemo, Nowhere, NA, Friday 28 September 2018

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